Lune Obvallata

|Modern Macrame|Tapestry Art|Wood Work|Jewelry Design|

Lianna Hung is the designer and creator behind Lune Obvallata. Born and raised in the prairies of Alberta, Lianna is now based out of the ever evolving city of Calgary. As a child and through her teenage years, she was always finding creative outlets where she could channel her passion, whether it was through dance, photography, writing or the traditional arts of drawing and painting. These outlets were a jumping off point, where she was able to find her voice in small town Alberta and from there she began participating and planning local music, charity and artist events throughout several southern Alberta communities.  At a young age, Lianna realized that her future would always be encompassed by the arts, in some form or another. 

Moving to the city in 2006 to attend the University of Calgary, Lianna graduated with a Bachelors of Art in English and Political Science in 2010. With hopes of becoming a teacher, her path took a different route and she ended up working and volunteering in several different creative fields, where she was able to develop and evolve her abilities as an artist and photographer - constantly having to adapt and work with different mediums. Working as a visual merchandiser for the better part of 8 years, Lianna had always kept her passion for creating at home as well; making jewelry, knitting and baking are some of her favorite hobbies. It was not till several of her family members urged her to pursue her passion of owning her own business that she dipped her toe into selling her jewelry at local markets in Calgary. 

Having the chance to not only travel oversees, Lianna has had the opportunity of traveling throughout Canada, where much of her inspiration comes from for her work. Being able to explore and adventure throughout the prairies and mountains, Lianna has had the chance to discover the centerpieces to her work and tries to source and support as locally as possible.Taking inspiration from not only the beautiful landscapes of the Western Canadian Rockies, much of her work draws from the antlers, gemstones, wood, fibers, and metals used in her pieces. Each piece is hand made in respect to their natural form and where they are found, which creates truly unique one of a kind items with their own stories.This can be seen in her macrame, beadwork, jewelry design as well as her tapestry weaving that she specializes in and hopes to share with those who are seeking these one of a kind bold statement pieces. 

The name Lune Obvallata comes from the night blooming flower named saussurea obvallata. As a child, one of Lianna's most vivid memories is her mother and father waking her up in the middle of the night to witness this flower blooming in the bay window of their family room. This flower, being her mother's favorite flower, still sits in the same bay window of the family room and her parents still get excited every year during the summer when the flower makes its appearance in the middle of the night.